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  • The Healthy Human is a personal training and wellness studio located near downtown Orlando, Florida that offers a professional and friendly environment for clients to come and get fit and healthy

  • We provide a full wellness package of programming for clients to enjoy including: BEMER Microcirculation Enhancement, Isagenix Supplements, Genius Biofeedback Therapy sessions, Young Living Essential Oils, Massage and much more!

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Thirty five years ago I was hired by my first personal training client. Personal training throughout the United Sates was in its infancy. You couldn’t even call it a profession at that time. There were no such thing as professional fitness organizations offering personal training certifications. All we had to learn and educate ourselves at that time were a few bodybuilding magazines. The articles and pictures would explain the many different exercises using mostly dumbbells, barbells, and the most basic exercise benches and machines. Even way back then I had the foresight to understand that the more I learned about both human physiology and psychology of exercise and physical performance, the more I would excel, not only as a competitive athlete, but also as a personal fitness coach. I graduated from college with a BS degree in the health sciences. It prepared me at first to work in the field of athletic training and nutritional counseling. Eventually my studies led to physical therapy. There were no degrees in exercise science or the like. So I took every course available to learn as much as I could about the human body.  

Over these three and a half decades we’ve seen an enormous evolution in the areas of fitness, personal training and most recently, wellness. Still today I feel it is my duty as a fitness professional, not to just welcome these incredible advancements, but to continue my own personal evolution as a fitness professional. This dedication to my craft is what propelled me to create The Healthy Human – Integrative Fitness & Wellness. Our goal is to offer more than just traditional fitness programs. We focus on the most scientifically advanced wellness programs and health promotional programs available today.

Bemer (Bio Electrical Magnetic Energy Regulation) is a therapy that falls in a category of medical science called Pulsed Magnetic Energy Field Therapy. (PEMFT) Bemer is very effective and is proven to enhance blood flow through the capillaries by 29%. Combining Bemer therapy alone, together with traditional fitness, is a game changer within the personal training world. Personal trainers are fitness and exercise experts. But traditional fitness programs, as beneficial as they are at promoting health, have one major shortfall. Traditional fitness can only enhance blood flow through the macro circulation. This includes the heart and larger blood vessels such as arteries and veins. It has very little or no benefit on the microcirculation of the body. To understand how significant to your overall health and wellbeing the microcirculation system is, you must understand the vastness of this capillary network. The microcirculation system is three times the size of the macro circulation system. This is why it is often referred to as “the main road to health.” Bemer also optimizes your immune system and positively encourages organ health.

The Healthy Human is excited to offer BEMER therapy along with many other health promotional wellness programs.

In 2008 I decided to open my latest personal training studio in Orlando, FL and named it TV Fitness Pros. (the "TV" represented my initials, TV - Tony Vargas) By this time I had developed a 25 year history of owning several fitness or rehab facilities. A 20,00 square foot World's Gym, a chiropractic rehabilitation center, and two boutique personal training studios. I was "boutique" before it ever became an official subcategory of the fitness industry. About the early 2000's I sold my last personal training studio and jumped on the Johnny G Spinning® phenomenon that was taking the WORLD by storm. Making the decision to work with Johnny G and his company, Mad Dogg Athletics®, was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my professional career. I still consider him a mentor to this day.

Approximately seven or eight years had gone by, traveling and presenting throughout the US and abroad, when I started to consider opening another personal training studio. During this time the fitness industry had evolved to a certain extent, but the main focus was still on the "big box" fitness facilities and chain fitness centers. I created TV Fitness Pros by making only a few minor changes to the old personal training studio model. By 2010 the boutique fitness market was ramping up throughout the country. I knew that this market trend was developing because I was traveling and working extensively as a presenter for Johnny G. I could see that more and more of these smaller, boutique facilities were hiring me to educate them. What I wasn't prepared for was the explosion of the market. In 2008 after my grand opening of TV Fitness Pros, in just a 2-3 mile radius, the number of boutique fitness businesses (1000 - 2000 sq. ft.) grew from a handful to a few dozen after only 5 years. And this expansion was occurring throughout the US, in small and big cities and towns alike.

It was about this time when I started to consider a better direction to take my new business. The rapidly expanding area of wellness and how perfectly it complimented the boutique fitness market was what caused me to shift gears. The wellness market was still in its early stages of development so there were no drastic measures taken at first. By 2016 I developed an entirely new business model and started to transition from fitness to an integrative fitness and wellness model. I opened my new and improved studio as The Healthy Human - Integrative Fitness & Wellness in 2017.

Our Philosophy

As founder of The Healthy Human, I have a fantastic platform that reaches around central Florida and provides many opportunities to help people attain their fitness and wellness goals. I also feel that it has been a blessing to act in collaboration with so many great colleagues within the fitness industry. The Healthy Human was not created on a need for more personal trainers, but a need for a giant leap of therapeutic advancement in the services offered by a personal trainer. My intention was to also create a culture where trainers and clients come to their workouts, not just motivated, but inspired. A big part of what makes any company great is the people. A strong, positive culture creates a sense of belonging. The Healthy Human exudes this healthy sense of place and plays a key role in the successes of all of our client’s physical and mental well-being. This, combined with the mutual trust between each of our fitness professionals and our clientele, is what makes us great.

All of our clients are looking for solutions to help them become fit and healthy. At The Healthy Human we encompass all of our client’s fitness and wellness needs by offering a variety of scientifically advanced programs and therapies that will help them reach their greatest fitness and wellness potential.

I spent ten years as a master presenter for Johnny G and his Spinning program. One of his famous quotes is, “You can’t get fit in one day. Just like you can’t live your life in one day.” What we do is a lifelong process – a lifestyle. Our process at The Healthy Human is what sets us apart from all the rest. This process comes with a much deeper understanding of how a personal trainer functions or operates. The healthy Human is unleashing the power of healing through fitness and wellness. It is the future of the fitness industry.

The Healthy Human concept is part of the evolution of the boutique fitness market. As founder, I’m trying to champion the collective spirit of all things considered to be “health promotional” and to prove that our services and business model will forever change the fitness and personal training landscape.

I’m really good at creating an atmosphere that is inspiring. I developed this talent while traveling the globe working as a master presenter for Mad Dogg Athletics® and the Johnny G Spinning® program. For ten years I visited fitness centers, gyms, YMCA’s, and fitness studios of all kinds, to teach the Spinning certification course to trainers and group instructors. My role was also to provide fitness continuing education courses required by professional organizations such as ACE (American Council of Exercise) and AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.) I developed a sense of sacredness towards the places within which we practice our craft as personal trainers. Any fitness or wellness arena of any kind is almost hallowed ground for all things which promote a long, healthy and happy life. As someone who has devoted his entire professional career to fitness and health, I couldn’t consider it any other way. Our fitness and wellness studio was designed to help energize, motivate and inspire. The positive energy the moment you walk through our doors is palpable. I’m reminded of this almost daily by people who come up to me and tell me how much they love to workout at our studio. Let’s face it, not everyone loves to go to the gym. But our clients love to workout at The Healthy Human.

The role of a leader is to create an environment in which great ideas can be executed. I want to make a difference in people’s lives. As fitness professionals we motivate, we train, we educate, and we inspire people to reach lofty goals. Why do we do all those things? We do it because making a difference in people’s lives makes US happy. There is no better gift we could ever give than the gift of good health. 

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